Should I take French or Spanish for High School?


Well? I have no idea, no preferences. Which one is going to be easier/more useful. Please do not just say your choice, actually list a reason why.


I’d do Spanish.

I know of four countries that use that one language, It also is similar to french and Portugesse, and if you know spanish fluently, it isn’t hard to pick up on those two.


I agree, take Spanish. Paolo I am not sure what you mean, because there are many more than 4 spanish speaking countries :slight_smile:


go with Spanish it is the second most spoken language in the world. plus i was born in Argentina so i love Spanish culture. again go with Spanish.


As everyone said, go with Spanish. It’s pretty fun too - I’m in Spanish one, and I’m having a great time.


Is Latin not an option? Anyway, take French, it’s a much more elegant language than Spanish IMO.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Where do you live?
Do alot of people speak spanish there?
Thanks why I chose spanish.
California has alot of spanish speakers.

But yeah, Spanish is cool.

(JonasK) #8

I’m in my fourth year of Spanish, and I’ll just say this:

French is way cooler. WAY cooler. Sounds way more laidback.


I hate spanish but it will be much more useful in the future, so I’d take it.


I say Spanish but that’s just because I would say it’s more common, especially in America.


I agree, go with spanish, but also :
Mandarin Chinese is #1
Hindi is #2
then there is a toss up between English and Spanish, depending on how you count it.
French doesnt hit the top ten most spoken languages.
I took three years of French. two of German, and three of Latin, and one of Korean. Latin is superior by far in all the way I can think of. I have been studying Spanish on my own for a couple years now, and I have to say that it is easier than french, german, or korean, and right about on par with Latin.
When your with friends at a spanish restaurant and you order in spanish, it is real impressive, but try ordering in french at a french resaurant, and both the waiter and your friends will think you are a tool. Frenchies are tools. (no offense to any frenchies)


french!!! the ladies like it. plus, it sounds cool ;D


unless you plan to go study in europe (or Canada) you will not need french at all practically. but there is a large population of spaniards in the u.s. so you can actually use it without going out of the country.


That was just off the top of my head. I know there are many more countries that speak spanish.


I’m from Mexico and let me tell you french is probably more fun but spanish is more useful ( how I would decide is I would just flip a coin ::slight_smile: )


French – Fashionality

Spanish – Functionality

Pour moi, je prefere le francais. Il est tres elegant et, dans mon experience, les profs sont generalement plus intelligents.