Should I make a Sig Making Shop?

(Johnny T) #1

Lets see… I want your guys opinions of making a Sig Shop so I can make sigs for anybody. But you have to put it in this format.

Render/Image: (url here)
Background Color:

For Example:

Background Color: Blue and Black
Size: 320x180
Text: Put KC in the bottom lef corner and Sasuke in the upper right corner.

Anyways…I think I’m pretty good. Here are some examples of my work.


Yea some of them have KC on them because I used to be on a different forum. Yes…I like Naruto and Bleach ;D

Edit: Fixed the pics.


They didn’t show up…

And what do you mean

??? ???

I want a new sig… But I love my current one :-\

(Johnny T) #3


(Yo!It'sMatt) #4

Awesome work!
Can you make me one?

(Johnny T) #5

Follow this format

Render/Image: (url here)
Background Color:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #6

Follow this format

Background Color: Aqua
Text: Mattsk8nike


awesome sigs! dunno if people would pay though! (even though urs are exceptionally sweet)


JM- I Can Haz Yo-Yo? and I are already doing this… No need to.

(Johnny T) #9

Alright if you need any help. Contact me.

(Johnny T) #10

Obvously all sigs that everyone makes are free.

(JM) #11

I’m doing them just by request though, if he wants to show some creativity I dont mind him moving in.

(Johnny T) #12

Yay!!! So…am I in>?


If you want to, nobody is stopping you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having more sig-makers, especially since your previous work is unique from our typical signatures. I’d like to see some work with yo-yos, though. :slight_smile:

(JM) #14

Yeah, my style is good, but recognizeable. Everyone knows I made it. Its nice for some diversity

(Johnny T) #15

Yea but mine looks more like I added more effort. No offense to you guys but I spent alot of time making these sigs.

(JM) #16

:smiley: I guess you haven’t actually seen the ones I’ve made. :smiley:

(Johnny T) #17

I actually have. Maybe I can give you guys some lessons on making some cool looking sigs eh? ;D

(JM) #18

:o I feel a contest coming on


That would be fun ;D


That would be awesome! :smiley:

I vote that it should yo-yo related, though, unlike what we’ve seen from L3adrine5. :slight_smile: