Should I change styles?

(Seung JaeHwi) #1

I want to change my style. But if I change my style, I am worried that I will not get good grades. What will be the best way…? I need your advice (: (sorry about my bad English)

(Lukáš Kabelka) #2

Hey Colin I want to know
1.whats the best way to start playin 3a
2.why Is your signature yoyo called cognition
3.what you think about Czech yoyo scene



Do you mean school grades or grades as in results? :slight_smile:
If it is school, I always recommend that you prioritize that over yo-yo.
If you mean competition, I think that you can excel at it with a different style, still. You just have to land your tricks well on stage.


  1. Practice 1A with your non dominant hand first.
  2. Cognition means the mental process of acquiring knowledge, and this has been something I’ve done a lot over my career in terms of studying freestyles, the judging system, etc.
  3. I love the Czech yo-yo scene! I’m a really big fan of Tony Sec and Krystof Nosek especially.