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I noticed Andre’s shoes… They are awesome… I wear DCs… what do you guys wear while yoyoing or doing anything else?





will im like ubseesed with shoes:

I have:
Nike Hyperdunks(The Clear and Lt Blue ones)(basketball for this year)
Nike Kobe Trainers(used to wear em everyday till they got small and got my wades)
Nike Custom Kobe 2’s white and purple (basketball for last year)(getting tight):frowning:

Addidas Bounce(Black w/ blue) (Dont know which version though, so many) for school and outside

Converse Wade 3(Allstar Colors) school and outside

yeh umm cant think of anymore besides
new balance 574(grey) which are old and use when im outside in mud and stuff
wade 1.3(black w/ red trim) same as above

Also have pair of grey crocs which i wear as like sandals and when going to fb pratcie so i dont mess up my cleats

for football i have the superbad(new ones black with that sparkly silver stuff)

yeh basicly it ;D :smiley: :wink: ::slight_smile:

(JonasK) #4

I have a pair of Nike shoes/sneekers, I also have (please do not blame me for this) a pair of Boston Celtics Adidas shoes (the clover pattern looked cool). If i yoyo outside, I use a thick Iguana alpine jacket, which is not very suited for yoyoing. When/if I make videos, you will probably see me in lacoste or nike POLO shirts. I have a pair of Umbro indoor soccer shoes, as well as a pair of Adidas Predator soccer shoes. A pair of Nike air running shoes. I also got some Alpina cross country shoes lying around. That is probbably all i got, still wish i had that pair of white Fre Perrys.


All Star

Happy Throwing! =]


I have always liked Andres shoes. Do you know what they are?



ANDRE!!! What shoes did you wear!!! And what size!!!


I don’t usually wear shoes while yo-yoing, but I recently got myself a new pair of Vans. :smiley:

(Jeromy K.) #9

I have a beat to death pair of Georgia boot slip ons that really need to be put down, and my other pair are shark skin dress boots that I had custom made back when I had a lot of money to waste. And a pair of work boots that are made by a company in my area.

(Cinimod105) #10

I wear NIKE air rival GT.

(Emily) #11

i wear converse! ;D ;D


Me too. But please, Andre, if you here this message,



You could just send him a PM :wink:

It would be a weird message to receive though, haha

(JonasK) #14

I think André reads old posts. As I think he as mentioned in a thread, he was an eagle scout= Eagle eyes. He sees everything.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure he reads everything (or close to that), but maybe he just hasn’t had the time to reply yet. :wink: