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How about this. Tell everyone something that we don’t know about yourself. It doesn’t have to be a super huge deep-dark secret or anything. It can really be anything. Maybe you collect stamps, you like Magic the Gathering, have 15 baseball trophies above your headboard, or have a tattoo. Anything. I’ll start.

I’m really good with a deck of cards. I’ve got a plethora of sleights, cuts, shuffles and other flourishes. My friends are afraid to play poker with me, haha.

Also, KEEP IT CLEAN! Seriously guys. Friendly threads are good threads.

(Q) #2

This thread could turn into mod (erator) fodder very quickly. Maybe put a KEEP ITCLEAN, refer=ence up there somewhere, but anyway.

I feel like I’m never good enough when compare to others.


Good point Q, I added a note. Thanks.


i cant do drop in the bucket >.<


same with me lol I can do so many things up to expert and such in andre’s tutorials, but I can’t do drop in the bucket


The girl I like is like a FT. Shorter than me ;D And I am Secretly a Justin Bieber Fan

(DOGS) #7

I am practically addicted to web comics, since I haven’t seen a newspaper in a good year ;D

(Yo!It&#039;sMatt) #8

I enjoy eating. Dogs…
No. just eating.


Well i like to punt babies. My baby kicking record is 23749 ft.


My GF is an inch taller than me. lol.


i cant do pop the clutch that well :stuck_out_tongue:

(SR) #12

I’ve been yoyoing for like a year, and I still suck… lol

(DOGS) #13

Oh, I also build fully functional model roller coasters and I solve/collect Rubik’s cubes…

In the “normal” spectrum, I snowboard and skateboard


Like others have said I can’t do drop in the bucket. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, I like cloudwatching. :slight_smile: I can sometimes predict the weather by seeing the types of clouds. ;D
Oh, I love Japanese and Chinese food too. :smiley:


I once got an F on a math test…

(SR) #16

I’ve gotten an F on a few math tests, even though I was in the advanced math class. lol


I’m an A student… :’(

(SR) #18

I see.

I am too, except for math lol

(M²) #19

i won $300 at the science fair… i’m done


I look like MR. Incredible, but like the slightly out of shape Mr. Incredible from the disney movie. I’m also 22 so that is slightly disturbing.