Seriously People?


Use the Thank-You button the way it is supposed to be used. Don’t go around spamming random Thank Yous for every post in a thread. Thank yous should be earned, not just given out to random posts. When someone gets a stupid, pointless Thank you, the people that earned their Thank Yous seem to have less because other people have more. I know the person the Receives the Thank Yous may not want them but there isn’t a way to un-Thank You without deleting the post.

Another part is people play Favorites with Thank Yous. If Person X asks “Can someone help me with the trick Ladder Escape?” and person Y answers by simply posting a video. A while after that person M comes and says “Yea, Person Y’s video helped me a lot, Hope you get it.” person M will get the Thank You for doing basically nothing. Same thing on really old posts, A person likes a person on the forums, and simply gives Thank Yous to them on really old, useless posts.

Example Thread:

It just Bugs me :slight_smile:



Acidental thanks I’m ok with.

But porposly thanking for nothing? come on…

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I totally agree with you Evan. As Paolo said, thanking people for nothing, that just… pointless.


I was going to thank Paolo and SR’s posts too but then I read Evan’s post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very true. The Thank You button is to be used, but not abused. Use it for what it was made: to thank a person for a post that they made that helped you, or if they said something that you very much agree with.

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I don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s just a number under your name. I just wouldn’t worry about it.