See you in a few days!

(SR) #1

Hey guys, I’m going on vacation today for 5 days. Just wanted to let you know so you didn’t think I ditched you forever. :smiley: I’m taking a road trip through California, going to Yosemite, Angels Camp, Tahoe, and doing fun stuff there. So yeah, see you in 5 days! Hope everything goes well with you. :wink:


visit L.A and we can do something


Have a fun time! :wink:

Don’t stop throwing. ;D

(Jerry) #4

Yeah that would be fun ;D

(SR) #5

Hey guys! I’m so addicted to YYE, my hotel I found out has computers so I went on and now i’m talking to you! It’s awesome! I just went hiking today in Yosemite, and saw the California Tree, and the giant sequoia. I’ll be on as much as I can, as I check out tommorow. I brought my X-ConVict and my PGM too so I can yo-yo at least. :smiley: Hope everything goes well with you guys!

PS: Hey dacklink i’m going to the BLC at that hollywood park in LA on August 1st. I’m in Northern CA right now so I can’t really go to L.A!