See ya later guys!!

(Connor) #1

Hey guys…from the title you might think that im quitting yoyoing…

Well im not. Im just heading to New York for a few days, I probaly wont be in chat or on the forums till like Monday. But I will stop by every chance I get just to say hey and see how things are going!

So, see ya later!..and If i die in a horrible car crash then you guys can fight over my yoyos. :wink:


Can you write a will first? Like I get a good yoyo? ;D


Ok, I get 99 % and you guys get the other 1 percent. Fight amongst yourselves!


Hi Connor,
While we do love you lets keep this official yo-yo “talk” - I am just going to move this over to unrelated discussion. :wink:

(Mark) #5

New York? I live there? What city? Oh wait…