(Cinimod105) #1

What is your favorite type of science(physics, biology, chemistry, etc.) and what is your favorite scientist of that type?

(Connor) #2

I like science in general. Anything scientific I like!!


I like Science!!! Like Gravity Pull and making things Spin on Strings and Flopping a Gyroscpoe ;D


(Mark) #4

Then you like Physics and Newton.


I think to like Science, you should be able to spell it.

Haha, just messing with you :wink:


haha good one Evan, I hate gyroscopes! Actually i like Nachos. I like the science of bakery. My favourite science is badgers. My favourite scientist is the University of Wisconsin(badger)!


i like chemistry a lot, have done my masters in ORGANIC chemistry last year and will receive my degree this year…soon

(Erik) #8

I love science, especially physics. Unfortunately, I stink at math so my science career was tragically cut short.

Jawad – I can’t believe you have your masters in Organic chem! That class was one of the main reasons I couldn’t become a chemical engineer. I just couldn’t get the hang of the molecular transformations they wanted you to memorize.