(Marvin.D) #1

ok so school for me starts tomorrow so now i wont be on the site as much

just letting you now


Have fun! What grade are you going to be in?

School is boring.


School is boring.
6 hours of pain and!


6? Lucky. I have to go 7, but I probably get more days off than you ;D.

(JM) #5

College FTW, four hours a day at most for me.


well between almost all advanced placement courses, and marching band after, and not to mention work, i do not know if i am ever going to be able to touch a yoyo again. :’(
jk there is no way i will not find some way to yoyo.

(JM) #7

Psh, yo-yo during marching band


Ha nice idea. I tried doing looping while I mowed the other day. Didn’t work well but it was fun.

(D@§h!zn!t) #9

High School is going great for me. I had an awesome freshman year. Now, I will do what my upper classmen didn’t do, pick on the fishies! jkjk


School is awesome sometimes. Only times I hate are Language arts and when teachers give unreasonable dead lines.


All I know is work is easy when you don’t stress out about deadlines. :wink:

School is weird. Sometimes I like it but usually I hate it


Yeah same here actually. There’s only a few classes that I really don’t like, such as English, which last year I didn’t hate because it was so easy that I was teaching the teacher grammar ;D and I’m not kidding about that. She didn’t know it very well so me and a few other people that are good with grammar had to teach. Ha.

(Tenoh) #13

School is a drag, and I totally wish you luck with it. Remember if someone starts getting on your case, don’t get mad, destroy them with your superior yo-yo skills. It works every time. I haven’t tried it yet personally but it does work.


Ha that usually doesn’t work, at least at my skill. Just ignoring the person works, or outsmarting them.


I remember my first week of 7th grade, I hated it TERRIBLY. But I think this year is going to start better - The school has been made smaller, so there is a larger chance to be with friends. Then again, last year a made a lot of friends, but this year I feel like getting to know my older friends better.

(Marvin.D) #16

im back school was alright i forgot to tell you that we got a new school is k-12 im in 7th grade with 10 classes

(Mikey) #17

4th grade FTW!

(Raphael) #18

Fixed :wink:



are you going into 8th grade