Does anybody else get crap at school. Not only about yoyo’s (I get insulted a lot about that), but for anything really. I know I really do and it’s starting to get old. The teachers just turn away and pretend like they don’t see it. Ignoring it is not working. If anybody else has this problem what do you do?

P.S. I’m kinda small & I’m a girl…


It’s crazy how life works… It’s like when you’re young you try and hurt peoples feelings thinking it makes you look cooler…

Listen, ignoring is best. When you say nothing that makes them think that they possibly aren’t as funny as they thought.

Usually, I’ll just laugh like it’s the funniest thing ever and then just stop, dead faced, and look at them.


I’m a boyscout and I get a lot of crap about that and I just tell them how that makes me better than them. (I’m a small nerd…) For example that
I can save a life, can you?
If I’m Eagle scout and we have the same job, I get paid more.


my teacher yelled at me for saying the word “really”, and for saying “Yeah” instead of “yes” and for smiling…


i got yelled at for saying “shut up” to my friend.
and another time he was like “what would you do if i ripped ur paper in half” and the teacher came in just in time for me to say “i would punch you in the face” WTF


What Cali said. Well, almost. I did get made fun of some when I started back up a year or so ago; people thought it was weird. If they asked questions (in a harassing sort of way) I just answer them and move on. Being rude and totally ignoring them is bad, but ignoring them as much as you can is good. By now, most people have just learned to accept it. I’m now a senior in high school, yoyoing has been with me for one school year, going on two years. Little to nobody makes fun of me now. It’s awesome.


Funny, I never get made fun of for yoyoing, a lot of people seem to yoyo here- well, more than most places. Today I had someone ask me what yoyo I was using. Although, everyone seems to have formed some sort of hating club for everything else I do/am. If only they knew more of who I was… Only a few friends know that.


Yoyoing isn’t allowed at my school. Elliot (3a all day) said it was, but I don’t want to risk one of my yoyos. However, I did do a presentation in my English class, and didn’t get teased at all. I sometimes get teased because of my weight (I’ve actually lost alot over the summer), but depending on what they say, I can think of some pretty hilarious comebacks really quickly.

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This, and just turn a blind eye. Remember that old song? Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. And Eli hops has power to cure the hater disease. Its proven. ;D


I made sure I made friends first before yoyoing.
The first day I had brought it out, half the coutyard after lunch was screaming for more. haha.

I now have, lik,e 5-6 people who are trying yoyoing, I may start a club in a couple months. :slight_smile:


The same exact thing happened to me.(don’t you hate it when you start yoyoing in a new place and some randon person is like " Hay were best friends right")I thought that would happen so I decided to wait a couple weeks.I just moved.


me too. I can’t yoyo in class so i do it in the car rider line and on the way to lunch. My community thinks a 20 second sleeper is magical so its not to hard. I’ve gotten 2 friends to buy yo yo’s and like 8 who are very interested.


Ignore is the first thing you can do. Tough up even if you are little and stand up for yourself. Also you can report to a trusted adult/teacher. ;D

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I know how you feel, last school year I missed more than 7 months of school and got made fun of because of being a bit bigger than other people (which happend from a medicine from being sick so long) and saying I was fakeing and people said mean things about my voice because it was still high pitched. Now what I do is show them that theyr’e wrong, they try and make fun of me about my voice to their friends I use a deeper voice so people think what their doing is wrong, they make fun of my weight I say that it doesn’t matter because I still excersise everyday, people have doubt that I can’t play for the school basketball team I tell them that I can because I practice everyday, they make fun of yoyo’ing I say it makes you smarter and people like different things. Just tell them WHY it sets you aside from others, why it’s a good thing of what’s different, tell them to imagine being in a world with all the same people and how boreing it would be WITHOUT some one different. If your smaller say something like that it helps you do things with ease or that you just haven’t hit your growth spert (spelling? :P). Maybe talk to the school’s counselor about it. Just don’t start fights. Maybe if they something rude compliment them after (kindness makes them realize it’s not right and they have no reason). Example: Bully: Your a loser, why do you yoyo you nerd, nobody likes you. ( Kid being picked on: That’s alright, by the way I like you shoes today…You see? Just because you yoyo and your a girl and smaller, doesn’t mean your bad, it makes you cooler. I mean, is popularity even real? Do colleges look at your popularity, or your grades? Just do what you like to do, and talk to your parents.