School is starting soon and...


School has started or is starting soon for the masses so I pose the questions: How was your summer? What exciting things happened? Anything else about your summer?

I had a great summer. I wish it was longer, but oh well. I spent much of the time at my school helping out the technology department. It was fun, and I got some good things out of it. The basement has a huge section of old equipment and a friend and I were allowed to take whatever we wanted. I ended up taking some cables and an 8 port ethernet router. I am also in the “laptop program” at our school, which is a group of students that gets a laptop to borrow for the school year and has some classes that are based around technology (electronic homework, electronic projects, etc.). While the rest of the students got their laptops today, I’ve had mine for almost 3 weeks. That is what my summer has been.


lol Sadly, the school term has started weeks ago for me, like 6 weeks. We don’t have seasons, just rainy and dry season. Sad.


I yoyoed a lot, and went to my two first contests.

I also played a lot of basketball, and went fishing a lot.

(JonasK) #4

School starts on Monday for me. I’m actually moving out, which is pretty cool. Th summer hasn’t been that great. The weather hasn’t been too good and all. But I’ve managed to have some fun. My yoyoing has improved a lot so I’m still quite happy.


Well I have had the coolest summer of my little 11-year old life. I took so many vacations:
1.Carowinds in Columbia, SC
2.Fall Creek Falls State Park, TN
3.Isle of Palms beach, SC
4.Great Wolf Lodge resort and waterpark in Concord, NC

But, the best thing that has happened to me this summer is I DISCOVERED YOYOING. I am so proud of myself- I started after school let out, and I made it to Advanced Part 1. Whoo hoo! So this has been my favorite summer ever. But, I have no vacations left, so I am kind of ready for school. Besides, I am excited about my first year of middle school, so I am even more ready to go.

(Mark) #6

I go back to school in two weeks and I have been interning at Corning Inc. (The people that make your LCD Glass and Fiber Optics) ever since school ended. I am going to finish my internship and then go to Florida the week after. Then school!

(winterjibber) #7

my summer was cool. did a bunch of skateboarding. threw my yoyos everyday. made a case and found out about this yoyo get 2gether at a local yoyo store. not really excited bout skool tho. the middle skool is closing and im in 7th grade so i have to go to skool at the hi skool but i am lookin forward to the winter


I practiced my butt off, made many new tricks and at the end of summer, my mom said:

Chris, we aren’t going to Cal states this year. I change my mind.

I just started freaking out cause I practiced till I couldn’t sleep for Cal States and then she says we aren’t going!


Freshmen day (orientation) starts friday but school starts next monday so like the 24th. I learned how to like really yoyo over the summer, I mean i got good. I also Went on a cruise to Mexico (swine flu! lol jk) which I met some really awesome people and found out humidity makes your string sticky. I then came back and had a day off then left on a red eye flight to Boston and went on a trip through the east coast. It was real tight great summer probably my best yet.