Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. HTC One X


So, as the title indicates, I am looking into buying one of the two latest Android superphones. After looking at numerous reviews, I still can’t 100% decide between the HTC One X or the newer Samsung Galaxy SIII. I have heard many good and bad things about each phone, and still cant decide. The SIII appears to be more flimsy than the One X, but in turn, the SIII has a better stat sheet.

So, can you guys help sway me one way or the other? It would be helpful to know what you do and do not like about each phone. And to any of you that have tried both, which skin of Android do you prefer: Samsung’s TouchWiz or HTC’s Sense? I need to know which one to buy! Thanks for the help!


I have never owned either, I prefer the iPhone, but the samsung sIII looks really cool and is giving the iPhone a run for it’s money. I haven’t heard much about the HTC one but I have used it and it is also pretty cool but I still think the samsung takes it. Sorry for the uneducated answer but this website does a side by side, in depth, comparison.
Hope I helped!


Just bought the Galaxy SIII two weeks ago to replace my SII. What a difference! The screen is incredible and honestly it does seem less sturdy when you see pictures of it but just like the SII it really is pretty tough. The processor is fast and the quad core handles multi-tasking really well. Normally I use a launcher to control my OS but on this one the Touch Wiz interface is really nice and well tuned; much better than the TouchWiz in my SII.

The white is really nice and the only thing I had an issue with was the plastic battery cover which basically makes up the entire back of the phone. The plastic used is coated in a clear plastic to give it a sheen. This makes the back of the phone a tad slick and I was always worried about it slipping out of my hand. I purchased a pvc/carbon fiber skin for the back of the phone and it made all the difference.

So far I love the phone and I think that it really does surpass the SII at this point. I know several people who have switched from an iPhone to get the SII and the SIII is considerably better in so many ways. Now I also own 3 iPods and 2 iPads myself and in our home we have 2 more iPads and 2 macbooks so by no way am I an Apple hater. I just like the freedom of the Android OS and the ability to buy Android phones unlocked rather than be stuck to one network and their neutered version of phones.

If you are like me and use your phone for everything from texting and calling to surfing and going on forums and even using it for work and school this is the phone for you. I can do everything day in and day out. I keep up with the forums, I write, keep track of my expenses, watch movies, listen to music at the gym or when I am throwing and I text on average 100 messages per day. The battery on this phone has lasted me about a day and a half with all that usage.


haha sweet, now into my territory :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m at heart a huge cell phone junkie so heres my opinion on things. I own the HTC One X, but have sat down and played with the S3 the S3 is alright BUT overall build quality just flat out sucks, for me the phone felt like it was going to break. The One X build quality was amazing best feeling phone i have ever owned. Originally I had intended on getting the S3 cause I was coming from a S2 but i opted to give the HTC a go and have not looked back to Samsung yet.

Now the whole TW Vs. Sense thing that can get drawn out for ages and ages depending on who u speak to but In my case I hated TW so much, I had a deep passion for TW on my S2, but a Custom rom fixes all that. For the vast majority of things I didnt mind Sense 4 on the One X it was pretty smooth but I have moved on from Sense on my One X and installed an AOKP rom. (Android Open Kang Project, google for it if you wanna check it out. AOKP is pure Android at its best, no TW no Sense.)

Between the 2 phones they are both top of the line current, various benchmarks shows the performance values to be simular to each other (but benchmarks dont mean all that much since they are NOT exactly reliable) they both have beautiful screens (I prefer the One X screen over the S3’s pentile matrix setup)

Benchmarks aside and with real world function, I have to say One X > S3


I also have another question. I’m pretty new the Android scene, so my question may be nooby, but if I buy either phone (both of which come with Ice Cream Sandwich at this point), will I be able to install 4.1 Jellybean when it comes out, or am I stuck with Ice Cream Sandwich as my OS? I believe that he One X gets Jellybean in mid-July, and the SIII in the 4th quarter. Is the OS update similar to Apple’s installation process?

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To answer your query about the S3 being ‘flimsy’, from what I have experienced, the S3 has really good build quality. The shape, as advertised, feels ‘natural’ in your hands. It does not have the awkward feeling that the One X has, with the sharp edges and all. Also, I find that the color saturation and contrast on the HD Super AMOLED screen of the S3 is much more suitable for watching videos and movies.
Feature-wise, the S3 has many neat features, like, S-voice, eye-detection, etc.

To answer your question, yeah, if I’m not wrong, both phones enjoy OTA updates, so when Jellybean comes, you can just install it immediately without plugging it into a computer.


Short answer on that is yes, we would get the JB update, even so then we would have it before an OTA update.

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Samsung is known for quality and innovation, they wouldn’t release a phone that wasn’t built well. As for jelly bean, it all comes down to when the manufacturer tweaks the OS to work with the hardware which is the only real issue with android…fragmentation. Each version of the OS has a subversion based on what device it is built for.
Samsung works pretty fast with their releases and both of the phones you are interested in are new enough and capable enough to carry jelly bean.


Not always, Samsung is by far the worst for updates.

Captivate: had a 2.3 rom before there even was an OTA update. Same for 4.0 which the captivate has yet to get.

S2: came with 2.3 had yet to get 4.0 had 4.0 roms within a month of the ICS release.

Note: came with 2.3, and like the S2 had an ICS rom out before there ever was an update.

Like even right now there’s a couple dev JB roms out currently.

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But you realize that in the US market there are more issues to contend with in regard to carrier and branding issues with the phones. Locked phones require more OS tweaking to lock down certain features that a carrier wants made either unavailable or to be made a pay feature. ICS was released much sooner on the overseas market than here. I agree though that in the US the release of an updated OS is incredibly slow. But in general Samsung does do a timely release when not held back by carrier issues. My S2 ICS was ready to go in a few months over Kies. If I had a US phone like my friend I’d still be waiting.


I have a One X and i love it. Not sure where the previous poster encountered ‘sharp’ edges as there aren’t any on the phone.

Biggest differences between the two are better camera (big deal for me) and (imo) aesthetics/build quality for the HTC and removable battery and sd card slot for the Samsung.


Yeah im well aware of that AT&T is the sucks for those things

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