samad's look a like

(Marvin.D) #1

ok now when im eating lunch at school the fire alarm goes and eveybody goes outside,since our school is k-12th and on the left side of the school is k-6th and the right side is 7-12th and im in i look to see how is in 6th and when i looked i almost blacked out,there was this girl who looked at exactly like samad. i go over and ask her do you no how to yoyo she said"get a why from me freak" and she talked justed like samad


Haha that’s funny. You should try to get a picture of her. Or talk to her for a while so she doesn’t think you’re weird then ask to take a picture because she looks like somebody else you know. Don’t say it’s a guy though because she will think you think she’s ugly or something. Tell her she looks like another girl you know from somewhere else.

(Marvin.D) #3

ok i will try that


but that would be like saying that samad looks like a girl


Its just a little white lie, he won’t really be saying Samad looks like a girl.


It could possible be Samadalina. O.o

It was a fictional character my friend Stephen made, however the ninja empire has been under siege, so they could possible be sabotaging me.

Try to kill her. :stuck_out_tongue:
There may be a slight chance of her ninjas slicing your legs off though.




Haha Samad you and your ninja people are…I’ll just stop there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Funky school.

Haha Samad is funny person :smiley:


im a certified ninja

(Waylon) #11

i’m a power ranger.


i really am

(Waylon) #13

i’m not doubting you–just making a joke because i though you were joking. besides, haven’t you ever noticed the red power ranger has a yoyo in his pocket?

(SR) #14

Really… are you? Really? :-\


thats awesome that the red power ranger has a yoyo in his pocket… and yes i am a ninja… it said so on a fortune cookie so it must be true


Just so you guys know, this is the real red power ranger.

(Waylon) #17

and i read it on the internet. that, too, makes it true.


ijuggleyoyos just wishes to be a ninja.

See, Evan usually makes some people believe they are a ninja so that way we can stay fresh in everyone’s minds. ijuggleyoyos is one of the victims. He probably doesn’t even know most of our mottos, let alone the 3 steps it takes to become a ninja before the NA. Heck, he probably doesn’t know what the NA is, or where its even located. sigh…

(SR) #19



samad, u are just being ignorant. if it says something on a fortune cookie it IS TRUE… like the time i got one that said my lucky # is 14, the next day i guessed 14 on something and won this big stufed animal. it NEVER lies