Runescape anybody?


Hey guys
does anybody on the forums play runescape? if enough people play, we could make a a yoyoexpert clan on runescape… ;D If you play, put your username as a response and we’ll try to get together. (online, of course.)


I used to play.

My username was Ko-Atom.

I am level 34 or 36. Mabye 35. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know!!! ;D

Anyways, I have Mithril and a few GP in my bank.

My account is free, if you want it, PM me. First to get wins!

I would tell you the right password, but I cannot post it here, because it would turn into a rampage. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Now my PM box will fill up fast.) :wink:


yeah i play my name is wesley000100(those are zeros) im lvl 88 non memb atm.

(JayVee) #4

I used to play, but I stopped. I was like lvl 45-50 before I stopped for a while. When I decided to get back on, I couldn’t remember my password! The worst part is that they completely revamped the Password recovery! Just my luck…

(Johnny T) #5

Same here. I used to play too till I stopped last year. My name was Deltaray3. I was lvl 88 also! I was member but only for 1 month then I was a non-member again.

(Shisaki) #6

I used to play, I was level 78 I think…had over 1 mill and some of dragon items ( i think Dragon dagger with double poison, dragon longsword, and dragon scimmy). People made fun of me and its not exactly apeealing to girls so I quit :stuck_out_tongue:

(Infinite Chaos) #7

lol. didn’t think there’d be other players out there! my username is lennytopples. lvl 68. Hope to see some of you there. :slight_smile:


I’m Pawn Power, level 98 P2P. I had over 10 million, a fighter torso, a whip, some random “God” armor, and fought against the great Armadyl many times, with no drops.

Anyway, i lent my acc to my friend, and lost all my stuff. So i quit. That basically tops it up ;D Maybe I might start to play again. I have a wc level of 70 something, so making money isn’t much of a problem.

Edit: Now that I look at it, the guy who hacked me really didn’t mean to destroy my life. He left my fighter torso and rune defenders there.


I used to play, my username is lespaul42 im 91 f2p


I am poypoy777 (P2P) Lv 62. I think there are more F2P than P2P, so we should meet on a non-memb world. How about world 35, July 21, 1:30 PM Eastern time. (I think that is 12:30 central, 11:30 mountain, and 10:30 pacific.) Meet in Varrock square. Be sure to add everybody to your friends list!
Titanium221 8)


I guess I’m not going, thats 10 pm at my time, and i have school the next day.


Maybe ill be able to bump it back 2 hours. Is everybody OK with that? Just 2 hours be fore what I said It would be. Im changing the post.


i dont play anymore. waste of time i think. anyway i had a lv 79 or sommin’ like that. and like 2mil in bank.


I used to play as well, but I don’t like it anymore. I was Shark Beast1, level 64ish.


i do im like lvl 86 or 87 in members and like 84 in non, my guys name is “ikestar” i know kinda stupid, and ive got about 5 mil with cash and items!


I have an account, haven’t played in a month or two, but still have membership. Level 125 I think, bandos, armadyl, quest cape, 88 slayer. Yes, another kid-centric activity that I like to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: wee forgot I had this:


I feel stupid. I just realized that I have a conflict, would It be alring to move it to 1:30 eastern? I hope that will work for you, Rsmod123… Original time is updated.

(Runez4lyf) #18


I’m a member im lvl 76 and my username is electric256.


I used to.

I did before I Yo-yoed.

Username: Chajonson (I think…)

I got Hacked so I canceled my membership and so I don’t play anymore…

PM and I’ll send you my Pass if you want. I was around level 85 or so.


I used to play. My account was Cirrus912, level 40, and has 2 mil worth member stuff. It is currently f2p. >:(