(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #1

hey guys i now posses the new skill of solving a rubiks cube so if you can solve ot or have some cool fast methods shout em out also did any one go to the rubiks cube competition ant discovery science center i did

(Shisaki) #2

Cheat ;D

(Ryan) #3

well i can solve it i learned from youtube because it shows how to solve it faster lol…


I went for a 2x2 cube competition, but i left because i knew there were people faster than me. But still, i’m above average for it ;D

Now, to show you my awesome 3x3 skills… Gonna upload a vid soon.

(JayVee) #5

I have a Rubik’s Cube and a Rubik’s Revenge (4x4) and can solve them fairly quickly. If you want to become faster at solving a rubik’s cube, I suggest learning the Jessica Fridrich method. It’s for more advanced people, but can get you great solve times if you can do it well enough. Here’s a link to her website
It also contains some useful tips on how to get faster. Enjoy! ;D


I use this method

(Mark) #7

Fredrich’s method for speed though I think theres a new method thats faster and Egg method for blindfold.

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #8

wow thanks guys