Rubik cube solving instructions


I can already solve the rubik’s cube in 1 minute 30 seconds using this algorithm:

I need a way to solve it in 1 minute or less.


(JayVee) #2

You can actually get times below 1 minute with just these algorithms. You just have to practice a lot.

Anyway, if you want new algorithms, I suggest the Jessica Fridrich method. Even just learning how to solve the first two layers can lower your time by a few seconds.

Here’s the link to her site:


I can solve it in less than 30 seconds, but I use a collection of many different algorithms. I recommend learning the theory of the Fridrich F2l.


Since I’m cubing until now.

Answer my questions.

-Are you currently learning F2L?

-If it is, Go to

-It is in Japanese notation ↑, They are two Notations that are used in speedcubing, Western & Japanese notation, If you have more questions, just post in, Because i forgot so many things and links in speedcubing, sorry. :slight_smile:


Personally, I like this site. It is helpful, and shows you each algorithm.