RSO, OYY, YYR, Hydrangea, Crucial, Unspoken

Hi there,

I have the following yoyos for sale, please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

I am not in the USA, and it will take between 2-3 weeks to reach you if you are.

RSO, Yweti MK I, mint with box, some minor machine marks, $450 shipped

RSO, YWeti, MK II, mint with box, $420 shipped

OhYesYo x Rain City, Sk8r, mint with box (no extras), $40 shipped

Hydrangea, Laurus, mint with box, $345 shipped

Crucial, Milk, very good condition, has a little vibe typical of yoyos of this kind, no box, $135 shipped.

Unspoken, Artemis, mint no box, $75 shipped

A-rt, Quail, NMTBS, smooth, $150 shipped
OhYesYo, Hearse, mint, has a hint of fingernail vibe, $65 shipped
A-rt, Peon bearing, mint, has the vibe it came with, $55 shipped
OD, Citizen, well used with scratches on the rims from being sparked many times, but in good shape overall, plays great and still smooth, with box, $450 shipped.
CoreCo, Standard, mint with box, $85 shipped
YYR, Almighty, mint with box, dead smooth, $75 shipped
Spencer Berry, Walter, has minor damage, this yoyo belonged to Sonny and he engraved it. It is unnumbered and smooth. No box. $350 shipped

Thanks for looking!


I think that might be a Walter (as opposed to a Theodore).

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pmd about the quail

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Iā€™m curious to hear what replaced these in your collection?

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Added some titanium