Rockerkid13's first yoyo video!

Hey guys this is my first yoyo video please leave constructive criticism below in the replies , sorry for the bad quality i had to use the inner camera of my phone thanks for watching!



Nice work, man!

2 things not trick-related:

  1. The reason it’s all wobbly and weird like that is because YouTube prompted you with something like, “We detected shaking; would you like us to correct it?” and you said “yes”. Just say “no” next time… yoyos give YouTube false positives for camera shake.

  2. VVS. Videos are meant to be horizontal. iPhone users in particular (although some Android users, too!) hold their phones vertically. All that happens is that you end up the same size in the video, but there are black bars to the side. Just hold the camera horizontally. :wink:

Looks like your skills are coming along, man!

thanks i appreciate it! I’ll fix that for next time im gonna aim to put up a video every 2 weeks or so thanks again!

If you’re using your phone camera to do any kind of recording you should definitely use the back camera. The front camera is awful for recording anything. I’m going to second what Greg said about turning your phone horizontal. Just about every video I post is recorded and edited on my phone. If you’d like to know any tips/tricks I’d be more than happy to help.

Other than that, the only thing I didn’t like was that it was too short! I wanted to see more.

ill keep that in mind! Ill put out a longer vid next week and ill do what all you guys suggested thanks for the help!