Rock lovers

(Zer0) #1
    Noticed most people enjoy rap and hip hop nowadays. If you're a rock fan post your favorite band and song. (with no offense to rap lovers)


Linkin Park

(Raphael) #3

When I saw this topic i thought to myself “Im Home”
Fav Song: Read My Mind By the killers

(JonasK) #4

I used to be a lot into rock, and I still listen to a little. I had a metal period too a while back, and I still listen to some Judas Priest. Now I’m more into 80’s electric pop/rock, modern electric stuff, blues and jazz.

(JM) #5

Breaking Benjamin

Tie between ‘Follow’ and ‘Blow Me Away’


Judas Priest

any song, theyre all amazing

(SR) #7

Spaceman by the Killers
Do the Panic by Phantom Planet


Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The Offspring

And sooo much more.

(JonasK) #9

Wat no killers???

(Zer0) #10

WOOOOOOOOOT! I finall found an offspring fan. There my favorite band.

Offspring-trust in you, half truism,

(Mitch) #11

Sooo hard…

I like the classics like

Led Zepplin
Thin Lizzy
Peter Frampton

80’s rock!
Van Halen
Duran Duran
Joan Jett

and some newish stuff

Nirvana was awesome… (R.I.P. Kurt)
The Offspring was good as well

All this new mainstream rock doesn’t turn me on…

My all time favorite song though is “The Cowboy Song” by Thin Lizzy… Look it up… Its soo going to be the backing to my first yoyo vid once I get around to filming one…


acdc is my favourite but other bands i like are Iron maiden, Led zeppelin, The who, Maclean and maclean. My favourite song is aces high.

(JonasK) #13

ZOMG just noticed that now.

They pretty much PWN.

(Mitch Ginder) #14

Bring Me the Horizon

Pray for Plagues

(Astrojax) #15

hmmmm. either “welcome home” by coheed and cambria or “numb” by linkin park…


We all know Incubus is the best!

But these are good too…

Pearl Jam
Temple of the Dog
Stone Temple Pilots
Alice In Chains
Led Zeppelin
Kings of Leon

(winterjibber) #17

all these bands are awesome. i like a band called megadeth and my favorite song is smells like teen spirit


I love rap above all else, but I love some rock too.

Disturbed, Metallica, Godsmack, Linkin Park (Oh yeah!), probably some others that I can’t think of…



I love all kinds of music.

I’ll start with the old school music I listened to when I was a teenager.

Zeplin but then I realized they suck!

Then the level of metal increased.
Metal Church
Iron Maiden

and then I got saved. (christian)
So then I found some more metal that suited my beliefs. and my taste got into harder metal.

Now its…
The Ascendicate
Demon Hunter
August Burns Red

I like my music fast and hard but it also has to be clean! Yes the language has to be clean but I meant the actual instruments. I don’t like to listen to drums that are so fast that its a blur. Now what I mean?

(marcusWsteadman) #20

I love the classic’s kiss, acdc, Ozzy osborn.
I LOVE rock but I still LOVE eminem MORE!!! ;D