Riddles (can you solve them) >:)

  1. How many seconds are in a year? clue: You dont need a calculator.

  2. A boy packs in a hurry, and dies as a result. What did he pack, and how did he die?
    clue: It was not a weapon.

  3. Five truckers stop at a truck stop to play poker, the dealer gets mad and shoots one of the truckers. Yet no man was arrested, Why?? clue: The dealer didnt get away.

  4. There’s a rooster on top of a barn, and it lays an egg. Which way did the egg fall??
    clue: It didnt fall left or right.

  5. Ok imagine your in a room, there are no doors, no windows, nothing. How to you get out?
    clue: Its not a play of words.

Think you got the answers? Want to try? Just put the number of the riddle (ex. 7)) with the answer to the right, you dont have to repeat riddle. I will post answers next Friday…good luck ;D

(SR) #2

You quit imagining.

(Marvin.D) #3

rooster’s dont lay eggs

(JayVee) #4

He packed weight in a hurry

Roosters don’t lay eggs…

EDIT: I was too slow. Someone already got 4 :stuck_out_tongue:


The Dealer shot himself.

  1. Its twelve

  2. Shoot is another name for deal.


I don’t get it…

(Raphael) #8
  1. walk through the wall JK if there’s nothing there no wall so… FLY THROUGH THE ROOF (that is not there) :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mitch) #9

Like oct. second… 10/2… Every month has a second day and each year has 12 months

  1. the boy is 5,000 years old

(Jesse) #11
  1. He has asthma and packed clothes. He had an attack on the plane, but had forgotten to pack his inhaler.

(Mitch) #12
  1. A boy packs in a hurry, and dies as a result. What did he pack, and how did he die?
    clue: It was not a weapon.

He forgot to pack heat! He got gunned down! poor kid

(LookAYoYo) #13
  1. 12
  2. i think weight. heart attach
  3. either suicide or the dealer was a cop
  4. Roosters dont lay eggs. come on i knew that one when i was 6
  5. wake up.

(JM) #14
  1. 12 or 24 depending on whether or not you count the 22nd too.

  1. how would you even get in :slight_smile:


A parachute and the sudden stop at the ground got him.

  1. He packs a lot of food in his mouth and either died of suffocation or Binge eating.


Sry for the late answers guys but i was really busy this week, here are the answers.

1.Congrats to Raymondini, the answer was 12 (Jan 2nd, Feb 2nd…)

2.Nathan was half right, (congrats your the closest), the boy packed a parachute in a hurry, then when he jumped out of the plane it didnt come out and he hit the ground…ouch!

3.So no one got this one, you all are going to hate yourselfs when i tell you the answer. the dealer was a woman…quote “…no man was arrested”

4.Congrats to Marvin.D, and i know that was an easy one. Roosters dont lay eggs

5.Grats to SR. You quit imagining

Thx Guys ;D


i bet yoyobot could figure these out. ask him!!!


3.14 times 10 to the seventh.i asked yoyobot and thats what he said for 1.