What do you think will happen twenty years from now? The following things will be revolutionary:

  1. A cool teacher
  2. Non-dad proof video games
  3. Moms that won’t embarass you
  4. Moms that actually are updated with the trends of today
  5. Jocks that are smart.
  6. Non-airhead cheerleaders
  7. No war.

Things that are guaranteed to happen:

  1. the people that have ridiculed us shall work for us.
  2. André becoming a Grand Master
  3. The First Asian President of the US
  4. Yo-yoing will be in the Olympics

Things that will make us laugh if it happens:

  1. Bill Gates becoming poor due to some kind of ironic accident
  2. Australia’s origin turns out to be from Antartica
  3. If my fabled Fight to the Death vision becomes part of the Olympics
  4. Education Homework becomes illegal
  5. Takeshi becomes the richest man in Japan due to an early yo-yoing career.

Put your predictions!


I believe that pigs will fly, and the dinosaurs will go extinct.