Respect your fellow skill toy enthusiast.

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Hey guys. There is something that has bugged me for a while that I see not only on this forum, but many others. And it seems to be a common thing for many of you younger throwers especially.

I often see that sometimes, someone will post a video of a different kind of skill toy. Diabolo, astrojax, tri-thology, poi, kendama whatever else, and there are often replies like: worst skill toy ever, Go yoyo, Waste of time, thats pretty useless, Meh, not cool at all, etc.

I understand that this is a yoyo forum, but I think we really have to respect those people who do and share their other skill toy stuff. What really gets to me is how some people will comment on say an astrojax vid and be like: Pretty useless, waste of time. And then they are the very ones complaining in a “public’s reaction to yoyoing” thread saying: “People always tell me its a waste of time! its so sad!”

You guys know what its like to be put down for what you do and have a passion for. Why should we put down others for their skill when in reality, they are just like us.

Ill be honest. When it comes to skill toys, I would not say yoyoing is the best skilltoy (Flame me, bring it on). But neither is any of the others. I say that all skill toys are pretty equal, no matter how involved in yoyoing you are and how many possibilities you see with it and not others, there are those out there doing crazy stuff on a Kendama and might not see much with yoyoing. Its like comparing apples to oranges. Which is better? There is none. Just preference. Obviously here yoyo would be the main preference. No need to put down others preferences.

I think as yoyoers, we all must be open minded to other skills. Don’t just glance at a tri-thology vid and be like, meh, random flailing. Go watch closely and see that all these skill toys have real technique and time involved, just like yoyoing. Respect what others do.



Contact juggling



Card Manipulation

Sport kite.
Gyro ring.

Devil stick.

So many more. These guys deserve all the respect! Awesome.


Agreed. :slight_smile:

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True facts.


I’ve always wanted to try that huge clear ball thingy… where do you get one anyways?


I haven’t seen anybody insult other skill toys. Whoever would do that ain’t too bright…


wow. amazing. agreed.


whoa dude i used to do devil sticks!! i had no idea they were a skill toy and i didnt even learn tricks i just did random stuff. and my neighbor does it too. dude :o


what about spin tops they have bearings just like yoyos, also prob the best skill toy to pick up girls (according to andre) but i totally agree


I always figured in the 90s new school yoyoing pretty much moved into juggling teritory. Unresponsive yoyos are shaped and weighted like a diablo. The tricks are much more landing focussed. Yoyoing has moved much closer to traditional juggle vocabulary. Pretty much every circus performer I know does reasonable 1a, and yoyos often get pulled out at afterparties as a portable skill-toy.

Some of the kids on boards don’t really appreciate stuff that is outside their experience, but that’s the norm. The same stuff happened in the skating community as styles changed. Still old folk who’d been round since the beginning could show their tricks in old styles - and any skill trick is awesome when you experience it firsthand.

I think the majority of folk here are into skill tricks, as long as they’re stuck in the right area of the board. :slight_smile:


you forgot poi ;D


I think Astrojaxs and Trithology can look like yoyoing sometimes
like in the astrojax vid at 1:13
and in the trithology vid at :58


tangler originated from poi.


Fire poi is EPIC
Who ever says other skill toys arn’t worthwhile really need to see what they do for fun.
Most of the population: VIDEO GAMES
I’m sure those people with skill toys are a little bit more skilled than they are.
99.9% can be good at mw2
10% can yo-yo
40% of yo-yoers can do other toys

Sorry if I’m rambling

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I havne’t really seen anyone dissing other skill toys, but i’m asuming it’s mosly on youtube which i don’t go to often. In which case, i’d like to point out that everthing gets degraded on youtube… But good post still.


Andre is sooo smooth
I can’t believe its not butter!


So true… yoyoing(or skill toys, but main focus is yoyoing) is a different thing than video games, most people play video games, not many people yoyo. When you say MW2 you mean call of duty Modern warfare 2 right? just making sure