Anybody keep reptiles? I love my russian tort and leopard gecko… :wink:


If it weren’t for my parents and my laziness, I would have a snake of some kind. Reptiles rock.


Yeah Im planning on getting a corn snake or bearded dragon… ;D


This is how I got my username:
(oh and sorry for double posting)


I have a

Leopard Gecko, Stripes

and my

African Fire-bellied toad (poisonous), Pez


you could’ve just edited your post;)


Oh awesome! I used to have a fire belly


Yeah, their stomach looks really cool, like lava flowing down a volcano…

However, Stripes has a “thing” for escaping and crawled into our vent ducts once. He was recovered in a week of hard searching, and then we put a filter on our vents.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #9

I have a lizard. That I found today.


Gonna keep it? or let it go?

(Yo!It'sMatt) #11

My dog tried to catch it. so it ran away.


I remember when I had a dog. He wrecked everything I tried to do, but I still liked him. He was up to my waist and I’m like 6 foot so he could knock some people down.


Yeah you should always let them go. You know what kind of lizard it was?

(Yo!It'sMatt) #14

No idea.
I see em running around all the time.


Where do you live? Florida?


A friend of mine breeds snakes, bearded dragons, and green tree frogs, as well as cockroaches, rats, and hornworms to feed all of them. The green tree frogs are just practice to breed red eyed tree frogs.
He has to buy bigger animals for some of the burmese pythons.
I used to breed crickets for him and also help breed the rats.


Thats so awesome! ;D


Anyone else?