Red Steel 2 anyone?


Was wondering anyone has ever played Red Steel 2. If not, YOU SHOULD


u took my name … sadface.


oops sry, i seriously didnt mean too.


haha idc i was jk. Welcome to the forum

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Of course, great game. Though how team kusagari came about.


No, I haven’t. But if it’s anything like the original, I really don’t want to play it.

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I haven’t played the orignal. But i hear that it’s everything the first one should of been. I give it an 8.5/10


i loved it, but redsteel 1 was better to me dude.

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Well, it seems that the idea and plot for the first one were good, it’s just he controls didn’t work well.


I never played the first one, but on thing i didnt like about the new one was that everything seemed to go by to quick and the game was too short, i beat it the day after i got it.

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It was a short game, it didn’t go by so fast for me because i’m only allowed an hour a day. But some people misjudge other games because they play a legend of zelda game, and think it’s standerd instead of realizing that it’s actually a really long game. That’s kinda was i did. Btw, in speaking of short games, Klonoa was beastly. Sure it’s about a rabbit thing and has a bunch a cutsey graphics and the game only lasts 6 hours, it a great game and only $30.