Really pisses me off


When I post up a question on a forum for yoyos askig for a website that sells yoyo strings or cases and all I get are angry people telling me to gtfo or telling me I’m retarded cause Im ON a website that sells yoyos. DUH M2 get a clue, just kinda wanted to let you know that snacktimestring was a good website you coulda thrown out for me instead of bashing me. You are a jerk and so at others like you. So please people, STOP posting on peoples posts unless it’s positive feedback.


Hey man… if you’re gonna bash, just PM him.


I don’t agree with bashing but I do agree with samad.
I also agree with the Op in the reason behind his rant.

We’ve been trying to tell you kids that you are not here to tell people how stupid you think they are.
If you wanted you could tell them that this store sells them and there are also people that make string at home and sell. Then add Hope I helped or something like that. I’m getting sick of seeing people with no self control in what they say.


Now this doesn’t go for video’s when they are asking for constructive criticism. I hope everyone know’s what constructive criticism is.