??? Who knows if it is real! Or fake! U DECIDE! ???


It looks like it is made of legos. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kei) #3

Is it a real elephant or did someone really make it?

(Johnny rocks!!!) #4

look at the eyes. It’s definitely fake




It’s obviously made out of LEGOs. :stuck_out_tongue:


is this a joke


I don’t know, it probably isn’t, but it’s really obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a REAL picture, but a FAKE elephant.


Wait? how voted for “real”?! LOL!


It’s a pointless poll and I didn’t even vote.


It’s a real elephant that just happens to be made out of lego’s.

(drumma/yoyo) #13

I vote real. Obliviously there is a real elephant made of legos. If it was fake, the elephant must be real.

(JayVee) #14

I think I saw an article about this on Yahoo! once. It’s definitely made of Lego’s.


Of COURSE its real. It’s made of REAL legos. Why else would it be getting a drink of water?


real legos.
fake elephant.

(JonasK) #17

This is especially funny for those who have actually been to legoland and seen that elephant close up.

Everything in legoland is real, it just happens to be made of lego.


WOOOOOO legos… Good times when I was younger :slight_smile: