Rate my siggy


I made it, and i’m proud…

(SR) #2

Nice… but you could have put it in the “Rate the Signature Above You Thread.” That would have been way better.


well, if I had put it in the ‘rate the signature above you’ thread, I would’ve gotten one piece of feedback from the forum where as if I posted it as a whole new topic, then I would’ve gotten multiple pieces of feedback from people with different points of view.


I think is BEAST! 8) And were did you make it?


The text feels out of place and the edges of the 888 could be cleaner. It is also way too big.


not a big fan of jd 2/10


I use photoshop cs4.

How do you guys clean the edges?


A feathering tool is priceless when it comes to cleaning up edges. Better use of magic select can help as well. Also, the link you have in the banner is useless. It is the generic profile url.


That url only works for members who are logged in and even then it only takes them to their own personal profile. A better choice if you really wanted a link to your profile in your banner, something that is entirely useless due to your name already linking back, would be:



Ok man, thanks for the info.
I tried making one for SR:

I think it looks nice


I bet X52 wants it!



2 more!


Man, I can’t put it into my signature! And I rate it 10/10. It’s just so perfect!