Quick and easy halloween costumes

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #1

Hey guys i want to make a Halloween costume but i need something that is very fast and easy any suggestions. And instructions.

Iknow its kinda late but i had alot of homework to do thats why i didnt have time.

(Infinite Chaos) #2

Cape, mask, wear all black. If you find some halloween gloves that’ll help too. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Didn’t see the instruction part. lol ::). Cape and mask: try Wal-Mart, or any Halloween speciality store. Black clothing: if you dont have, then cheap clothing stores are you’re place to go. Even try some thrift stores, sometimes you can find some really cool stuff there. :slight_smile:

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #3

cool thanx but not sure what kind of mask to wear.

(JayVee) #4

The simplest one I can think of:
A white glove. Then just moonwalk wherever you go.

If you have more time, find a box(Not a shoe box. Something along the lines of one that can hold a T.V.), an iPod and speakers.
-Basically you tape the speakers to the inside of the box and plug in your iPod.
-Cut out holes for your head and arms. If you want to, you can also cut out some holes for the speaker.
-Draw, paint, paste, etc. a picture of your iPod on the front of the box.
-Wear it like a shirt and walk around playing some Halloween music or something.
-If you have something that you think matches the iPod picture on your box, wear it! Long sleeved shirts are an added bonus.

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #5

Thats aswome i might do that but how is that relate to a white glove.


If your hair is long enough, go as an Emo person.

And even simpler, a yoyoer. ;D

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #7

My hair was long enough to be a emo person. But i cut it on Saturday.

(JayVee) #8

Those were two separate costumes. You could either go with the white glove, or the iPod.

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #9

oh mybad


I cant decide either, but I am going to be a yoyoer!!!

(Gorrilla_YO) #11

Bottom Line Birthday Suit ;D…NAH JJ

Im goin to just be me this holloween, the good ol me


(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #12

Hey guys i made the ipod costume and it looked awsome Ill put some pics so you guys could see how it came out.


cool i want to see

(Nova) #14

Halloween’s over. Lock?

(Infinite Chaos) #15

maybe after he posts the pics, I’m interested in seeing them too :slight_smile:

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #16

well here they are.

(Infinite Chaos) #17

haha! that’s awesome! ;D

(Nova) #18

Das silly! ;D