Question for forumers


Do you think the forum is becoming less active? If so, how can you improve it?

(SR) #2

Dude, not at all. In the past month we have grown alot. We set a record for the most people on at once, which is 200, I do believe. And you notice when you log on there are alot of people on at that time, at least this month. We have had alot of new members recently too.

Besides the forum, in the past few months, YYE has gotten other companies to add to their yo-yo selection here. CLYW and SPYY for example.

We have grown, and we will continue to grow, as this is becoming a more popular site.

What an awesome site we have!


I was scared i would have been shot down


I think I know what you’re feeling. Some of the more known members (me and others) seem to not be posting as much. I just think it’s due to it being right in the middle of school.

(Marvin.D) #5

the way were growing,in a year and a half this site would be as big as yoyonation


I might be alone on this, but I think of it like this: we may not have as many members, but our site is just as big and helpful (in general) as YoyoNation. Besides, it isn’t really a competition.

(SR) #7

Very true, I agree. I love YYE, everything is so awesome here.


I don’t like it as much as I used to.

(Shisaki) #9

Well, school isnt much of a issue. I just feel like I see WAY too many “Which yoyo should I get, Where can I get this yoyo, Is this yoyo good”. It’s not a bad thing, the more the merrier! But I just feel a good look around google, YYN, YYE, and other sites can answer those questions. Maybe I’m too lazy :P. Please dont kill me.

P.S. I also gotten back into cardistry/card magic so maybe I spend more time on those forums.

P.S.S Also too many people overreact on sounding mean or whatnot. You can’t sound mean, you read a post thinking in your mind that they are mean. And, if you do hear a voice in your head, and you’re not listening to a podcast in your headphones, might I recommend a psychologist. Or a good night’s sleep. Same thing, really.

(Mitch) #10

I love seeing new members, but I’d hate to see us get as massive as YYN, its just crazy how many people and new threads/posts… I try to be quite helpful but its just too hard with that many people

I know… when I joined it was quite a small community and was alot different


Well, once you stay here for a while, you get so used to posting, its like doing nothing. For people who come here a lot, it may seem like it, but its not really happening.

So no.

Also, I agree with Samad and Mitch.

This place has really changed… :-\


It really surprises me how far some people can take it. This is going to sound blatant, but:

If you seriously get sad and angry on a yoyo forum, you need to get a life.

Also, the reason I am mean or blunt in a lot of my posts, is that I have a low tolerance with stupidity. Its hard to live with myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, guys. There did used to be some sort of “family” feeling I can’t really describe. I found myself going on YYN a lot more because there is a ton more info (just because it is an older site). But I forgot how welcoming and helpful this community is!

(Shisaki) #14

Are you talking about me ???. Probably gonna challenge Samad’s tolerance right about now :P.


Ya… so lets make it like the community we used to have. But the question now is HOW?


Evolution is key in anything.

(JonasK) #17

I’m just posting less because I have so many other things on my hands.

And then I yoyo.


I kind of go back and forth between here and YYN - YYE seems to attack a younger crowd, YYN a bit more “veteran” - both are good at times, lately it seems I’ve been on YYN more, not sure why - probably because their B/S/T/ is more active, and I’ve been in acquisition mode recently. :smiley:

(Mark) #19

Personally I am posting less because it’s the beginning of college applications and IB madness. I swear I will be back in around December. And the forum will be as active as ever. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m joking. I personally don’t think we are diminishing. We are getting more members each day and a forum isn’t based on how many posts that are made each day but how we are involved with them.


Robin has had the flu! I’ll have more time once she’s back at work.