Q WINS!!! The yoyo was Shinwoo Looper!


Yep, that’s right. The famous “what yoyo am I thinking of” game is now on YYE! Yeah!
There is no prize though. This is just for fun. However, if someone wanted to donate a prize to the winner, it would be greatly appreciated.

1: Each person may only guess one time. EDIT: After I’ve given a clue, everyone gets a clean slate, and you may guess again.
2: Please don’t get off topic by talking about yoyos. Just make your guess and move on.
3: If no one gets it by this coming Friday, I’ll give one clue as to what the yoyo is. I’f one more week passes, I’ll give one more hint, and so on.
4: If the correct yoyo is said, I’ll anounce the winner in the thread as soon as I see it.



I don’t get this. Is there a first hint?



(JM) #4

I’m gonna move this to unrelated – only because it’s a game.

YYJ Jamboo


YYF Frantic


YYF ProtoStar


super star

(drumma/yoyo) #8


(Jesse) #9

YYJ Lyn Fury






Okay guys, time for the first clue.

It’s not a YYF.


YYJ big yo



(Jei Cheetah) #15


(Mark) #16

Duncan Butterfly.


Oh, and every one who guessed before the first clue may guess again.




Good ol’ duncan Misquito.


Hany’ Hany’2