ps3 problems.PLEASE HELP!!!


A year ago i got an 80g ps3 for my b-day.the setup on my normal tv(not hd)was wireless internet.then i decided to unplug all cords from my tv and energy sockets on my wall and take it to my friends house.when we tried to set it up,we turned on the ps3 and sparcks flew out of the open socket in the wall.the sparks came ouy og the socket abouve the socket in wich my ps3 was pluged in.we never got it to work on his tv,wich too was not an hd i take it home and plug in everything back to its origonal set up.the ps3 will turn on (red light and green when turned on) but will no longer show up on my tv nor does it project sound.sometimes ill have my cable box on then turn the ps3 on then press the video/tv button and i can hear 2 second of the power up sound,then it ive searched the web and have found two soulutions.
1=press and hold the power button untill you hear three beaps.
2=turn all electricity off/power down tv and ps3 all together.
niether of these worked.i do not have the money to get it if you have had this same problem or know someone who specializes in this kind of stuff,please help me or show someone this thread and tell them to post a soullution that does not match one of the two allready listed.