(system) #1

Does Someone here know some tutorials of Adobe Photoshop?

Because i want to learn photo editing.

I really need the super duper basics of the Adobe Photoshop…

I mean what is this side here this the blah blah blah.

and much more important the tools and how to use them…


(or GIMP)

(Before I throw, this is what I’m obsessed, but because i saw mickey’s performance in Worlds 06, All the “Photoshop” things in my mind are all vanished, that’s why i exist here!.)


I suggest messing around with Paint.NET first. Its almost-nearly as powerful as Photoshop, but more user friendly.

This will get you to learn the “super duper basics” of photoshop more easily.

You can find lots and lots of tutorials on youtube, and i mean LOTS, so im not gonna post them.