Pro's that answer!


Answer your,

  • E-mails
  • Comments
  • Whatever! :slight_smile:


Ryosuke Iwasawa, Augie Fash, Hiroyuki Suzuki. (All in Youtube comments. :))

How bout you?



What are we supposed to do?


He’s asking us to post names of pros that have actually answered our questions.

André :smiley:


Oh okay. Andre. Thats all i can think of.


Same here! But Andres cool to talk with. ;D

(JonasK) #6

Most pros are pretty cool to chat with. I have yet to find a pro that doesn’t answer you.

(SR) #7

Um… I got an autograph from Grant Johnson, Tyler Severence, and John Ando, does that count? I’ve talked to Patrick and Ben from YoYoFactory… that count either?


Jayyo, André, Kim-Lan, Fasano, Tie, Juan, etc.

In real life:
Grant, Yoshi, Patrick, Ben, Tyler, pretty much anyone in real life. It would be hard to avoid someone in real life. Like, “Hey Ben, how many C22’s were made?”

Walks away


Partrick, Ben, and Yoshi are really cool to talk to, but there are many others.


Yes. :wink:


but he is the only one i have asked something to


Augie, Brandon Jackson.