Procrastination is like...


So as the title says, I want to see how many metaphors that we can come up with to compare something to procrastination. Here I’ll give an example:
Procrastination is like smoking. It may seem cool but in the end, you’re really just screwing yourself.
They can be about anything, but they have to make sense. Here’s an example of something that would be a idiotic reply:
Procrastination is like apples. They’re red…
Notice how that didn’t make sense. So come on guys lets see how many we can get here. :wink:

(JM) #2

Procrastination is like plastic whip with a responsive yo-yo: It’s fun at first, but ends in disaster.

(Mikey) #3

Procrastination is like watermelons, the pink is good, But as you go down, the green is bad.

(Mark) #4

Procrastination is like doing vertical punches with unresponsive yoyos, the last thing you remember is your favorite yoyo coming mach 5 at your face.

haha. I had to add yoyo puns.

(Connor) #5

Procrastination is like looping with a slipknot. Fun for a few throws. Till it flops, comes back and wacks you in a (no longer) happy place.

(JayVee) #6

Procrastination is like a GT suicide. If you miss, you’re in a bind.


I like that one.


Procrastination is like a drop in the bucket, if you miss just one thing you are screwed.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #9

My Momma always told me procrastination is like a box of chocolate, when you reach the end your sad.

(Connor) #10

Not a bind. A slipknot :wink: :P…then you can loop! LOL. Look at mine and it will make sense.


procrastination is like well what is procrastination can anyone help?

(JM) #12

Procrastination is waiting until the last second to do stuff you need to do. I procrastinate all the time when it comes to work.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #13

Yeah like when you have homework thats due in 2 weeks you generally wait 2 weeks to do it.


ohh like my homework that needs to be turned in on monday but im going to do on sunday night :stuck_out_tongue:


(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #15


(Zer0) #16

Procrastination is like this sentence. You waste your time on it and in the end your dissapointed

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #17

Lol ^