Problem with School & Yo-Yoing

(Johnny T) #1

Well, here is my problem. My grades have been lowered alot when I started yo-yoing. From a A to a C. So I was wondering how you guys keep your education life along with yo-yoing. Any tips, experience?

Yo-Yoing Is So Addicting!!!


Do my homework or study, THEN yoyo.

(SR) #3

AMEN TO THAT. ANYWAYS, I yo-yo alot, but my grades are fine. Take Samad’s advice, you can’t do any better than that.

(Mark) #4

Don’t yoyo during class even if you have free time unless you are done with the homework given.


Lol i usually yoyo all the time and my grades are above average ??? During recess i yoyo, during lunch i yoyo, before school i yoyo and after school i yoyo ??? When you yoyo, only do it for enjoyment, dont prioritise it as a must in your day.


You know, the same thing happened to me. Luckily, I passed with no D’s the whole year. Lowest was a C-. I don’t know really… Its weird. Its like I tried, but I didn’t do good. The only thing I was good in was Math and Science. My History was an A+, and I got a 70 on a test, my grade went to a C! from an A+ to a C, with a 70!!! HOW???

(Mark) #7

It probably one of the only grades in the gradebook.

(Shisaki) #8

Doesn’t effect me, I got all A’s ;D


Umm…I’m asian? ;D

I don’t know. I always procrastinate and I still always get As, so my “method” won’t really help you. Just follow Samad’s instructions.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #10

Haha Asian Pride!
But yeah, study before you yo-yo.
I don’t really have a problem, Just don’t slack off on work!



What…I’m Asian!


iknow its off topic-ish… but do filipinos count??

;D :smiley: :wink:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #13

Some say, some say nay.

(JayVee) #14

What? The Philippines is in Asia.

Anyway, I usually don’t play with my yo-yo in class. The closest I have ever gone to yo-yoing in class is whenever I take it out of my pocket and put on the string. I don’t know, it just feels good holding a yo-yo. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you try leaving your yo-yo in a closet, locker, bag, etc. before you do any schoolwork? Just take it out when you’re done. Usually that does the trick of keeping me focused.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #15

I’m just saying, some people say they’re “pacific islander”, myself say Filipinos are Asian.




Yo-Yoing always comes before Work. My parents say I was just born like that. Try to gradually get used to not yo-yoing so much. Do a few problems or read a few pages and do a trick or two and repeat. Keep on reading MORE pages and doing LESS tricks. My only conflict is whenever I am bored in class or done I think of new yo-yoing ticks and ideas and for the rest of the day I keep on thinking about them. Try to ignore them and right when you get home or if you a a minute in class try it out and get it out of your system and them buckle down on work. Just think when you are done with work, you can yo-yo.

Straight A student since 2nd grade ;D.

German people are smart… Then why do we kill millions of people…

(Mark) #17

I am Asian too! lol. Just had to say that. But yeah, keep the yoyo away from temptation when you do homework.

(Johnny T) #18

Alright thanks guys.


Evan, that was in WWII. Or C.O.D. 2: The Big Red One.


fixed. :wink:

My method is HW first, then yo-yo.

I never study for tests, studying gets me confused.