PRICE DROP AGAIN! Help me downsize my collection! Machination [Ti + 7075], O-Ting [Delrin + Ti], Taurus [7075]. Cheap prices!

ADDING SOME NEW STUFF! Ask me about combo deals!

FS: Toybania Machination - $50 shipped wherever you are (CONUS or International).

7075 + Titanium rings. 9/10 smoothness. A couple of scratches on the rings that look way uglier than they are (titanium kinda dings in blackish scratches). Dings are superficial. Absolutely no dislodged or shifted rims, or any other damage. Yoyo is dead smooth on string, and it’s rim construction makes it super durable.

FS: Toybania x YoyoEmpire O-Ting - $40 shipped wherever you are (CONUS or International).

Mint. Zero damage. Delrin + Titanium rings. Extremely smooth on the string. The smallest hint of fingernail vibe that I’m sure you can tune out.

FS: G2 Ghost - SOLD

FS: Toybania Taurus - $35 shipped wherever you are (CONUS or International).

Copper brown. 7075. Very well used (I´ve filmed +100 tricks with this yoyo). Couple of dings pictured but nothing major. 8/10 smoothness. Perfect candidate for a beater/5A yoyo since it’s very resistant to dings.

Since this is kind of an obscure yoyo, here are the specs:

Dia: 53.5 mm
Wi: 44 mm
We: 64 g

FS: Retic Caiman - SOLD

I ship from El Salvador, Central America. I always use registered airmail with tracking codes.


That’s the proto, right? Never heard of it reaching final production status (which is a shame because I’d love to see what Vivek & the player settle on)


Yes. This is the proto 1. Vivek ended selling this ones as a run, and I have no idea if they continued working on it.

This yoyo is cool tho. Small, fast and rimweighted makes for a nice combo.


Price drop and Added some stuff! Bump!

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Bump! Dropped the price even more!

Spool Thread SOLD! Bumpity!

New stuff added! Bump bump bump!

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O-Ting is probably my favorite hybrid. Ting line in general is awesome IMO.

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G2 Ghost SOLD!

What’s the weight on that Caiman?

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I have no way of measuring it right now, but it’s light. Lighter than my Beech Harbinger.

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Omg a caiman!


Caiman SOLD! Bump!

Price drop bump!

FInal Price drop! $40 on the O-Ting shipped! Bump!


Someone buy this so that I can stop wanting it so much.

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Super bump! O-Ting and Taurus still here!


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