PrankYo Presents: The Light Magic Yo-Yo!

(SR) #1

We feel the Light Magic is hands down one of the worst intermediate to advanced yo-yos on the market. With its 5 inch wide metal aluminum rings, extra 2 lbs. weight, and extra width it is the worst yo-yo for learning string tricks that require a stable and long sleeping yo-yo.

Designed by World Yo-Yo Loser, it has been used by nobody to place nothing in the World Yo-Yo Contest.

This yo-yo is sewage in your hands - you have to try it to believe it.

This yo-yo is priced at a grand total of $525. To recieve your Light Magic now, call 1-800-555-FAKE. If you call now, you can get your Light Magic for $600! A $0.34 value for $525!

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lol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink: ;D :smiley: 8) ::slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:

(Shisaki) #3

You shoulda put “This is a $525 value only for $599!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

(SR) #4

I did something like that. Fixed.

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Strange…I called the number and got nothing?





spam much?


lol That was funny ;D Just wondering, where did you get the “light magic” font? ???

(Mitch) #9

I want this yoyo, two pounds and five inch rims… I like larger and heavier yoyos so this sounds great!!!


Ordered, I’ll write a review when it comes in. lol