Possibly serious problem


So I’m pretty sick. Flu maybe, tiredness, dizziness, and fever of 103 (but I’m pretty sure that was high because I had been under heavy blankets for a while.) Recently, everything is yellow colored. Ideas why?


This is important:

Have there been any ninjas in your home recently???

(yoyolvr<><) #3

dont worry, you have MY sympathy. i hope you get better soon.


have you seen a doctor? that might be a better idea than asking people on a yoyo forum :wink:

hope you get better soon

(JayVee) #5

Yeah, doctors know these things better than us common people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, drink plenty of fluids, don’t do too much physical activities, etc. The usual drill for a cold or flu should help cope with the symptoms. I don’t know anything 'bout yellow vision, though.

Hope you get better soon. :slight_smile:

(Shisaki) #6

Hope you get better Brian, if you want I’llt ake care of your yoyos for you, they might get cold and hungry :P. But yea, go to doctor and dont do too much sports or anything.

P.S Cheese in your eyes?

(Mitch) #7

Go to a doctor… Having yellowish eyes (Not sure if your just seeing yellow or your eyes are yellow too) is a symptom of hepititus… So make a doctors appt and get a professional opinion


Seeing yellow.

Thanks guys. If I’m still like this tomorrow I’m going in.


Sorry for the double post, but right now I really don’t care.

So I have to write a 3 page double spaced paper for Tuesday, assuming I go back that soon. I’ve been so tired and sick this weekend that I haven’t really been able to work on it. Anybody ever been sick over a weekend and worked with a teacher to give you some extra time to do an assignment?


I don’t see a problem in at least trying, lol.

Hope you feel better!

(Mitch) #11

I’ve always had very understanding teachers… My final was due on the last day of school and I got screwed over by my MSword and my teacher let me re-type it and email it to him the next day…

Always try… And dont bank on the time… even if you are sick it doesn’t take much to sit at a computer… And if you have half of it or more to show they might be more understanding knowing that you tried