polls! i need your preferences!


Hello, im reed featherston and in school i am doing a business project involving marketing! so i need your overall preferences out of some categories, color, shape, acesories, ect. i would like ten people per poll (so it would be nice if you could enter each poll)

I will post more links to other polls soon,

thank you, Reed Featherston


Hi Reed.

I just wondering, why do you doing this marketing project to the yoyoing comunity?

Hope you sucseeded with you pool for what you want.


Pointy? Maybe Loopers? Butterfly shape is kind of vague.


well in my class we all have fake business’s. so i have to research what people want in a yoyo to try and see “what is hot” so to speek in the yoyo community.


Why not?


basically. everyone else was starting a juice bar, or a design studio, so i chose yoyos because i am really fascinated with yoyo’s and how people market them, how people design them, and most importantly what people DO with them


uuuh, ichtus, if im going to say someting like that in front or a professor about why i work on my subject, he will likely kill my grade. lol.

nice one ichtus ;D

good luck reed with what your doing reed. this world of yoyoing is wonderful.

(MikeMonty) #8

Gotta go with the ‘h-shape’, it’s really close to the design I’ve been working on for the BaseBoost (this is a pic Landon sent me of my delrin model of it :slight_smile: )


I had to go with “C” because the rounded butterfly shape seems to feel nice in my hand.


I chose 888 lol