Poll for which yoyo is generally (different tricks) better unresponsive wise?


Just a quick poll because I need a new yoyo for moebius and be prepared for my school talent show. In case your wondering, I’m at the Advanced part 1 and 2 bit of the YYE ‘Learn’ section. Thanks :smiley:


I’m gonna take a guess and say that the YYF Protostar and YYJ Trigger are going to be the most voted for. The Whip and ONE are both too light. I’ve heard some decent stuff about the Grind Machine, but there is some serious following for Protostar and Trigger.

I’ve thrown my bros Protostar and it really is a nice throw.


Is the Protostar a size C large bearing? Thanks. ;D


Yes, the Protostar has a C- sized CBC CenterTrac stock.

OK, the choices:

YYF Whip
YYF The Grind Machine
YYF Protostar
YYJ Trigger

One and WHIP are too light.

PGM is good but unless you need the stacks, skip it.

That leaves the Protostar and theTrigger.

If grinds are an issue, go Trigger. If grinds aren’t an issue, it’s a tough call as both are great. Both have the dimensions to be good all around throws. Both can be a bit noisy, but who cares. The shapes are different, the outer rims on the Trigger are thin but are durable. Both can do 5A, while the Trigger has a bit more oriented towards 5A in it. The Protostar I think would be better for 3A. 1A, both are amazing.

The Trigger’s yellow is very bright. Way good for high contrast and easy visibility. The Protostar has more bright colors. The silver ring in the Protostar won’t get lost where-as the black ring(yank the sticker) on the Trigger can get lost in the darker colors.

My choice? I kinda dig the Trigger better. I’d have no problem with either. But again, if grinds are a factor, the Protostar’s SMOOTH plastic SUCKS for grinds. The celcon used for the Trigger feels smooth but it’s a good grinder.

(Zammy Ickler ) #5

If you are choosing a throw based on wanting to get into Moebius, out of that entire selection you are better off with going with a Duncan Flipside.

But if I had to pick a selection: The Protostar is the best out of that entire lineup.

With Moebius, you are going to drop your yoyo quite a bit. Just like when doing 5a, Moebius requires a sturdy, built yoyo that will take impact if dropped on the ground.

Yoyojam and Yoyofactory makes throws with rings that are into the plastic…and if you drop your throw multiple times it will weaken and get cracks. Sooner or later it will break and you would be without a yoyo.

If you are going the cheap way, pick up a Yoyojam Pinnacle or Prelude. Perfect price and perfect performance if you clean the bearing or replace it with a good quality bearing.