poll for the loopers :)


for me i’m going with the nxgs, there very easy to use and maintain, they look awesome to me, very great in my hand and during looping, and i’m also in love with the little clicking sound it makes while looping lol, please vote and say why you like that yo the best :slight_smile:


I’m going with Pulse, but since its not there, speed beetle.

I just love the feeling of the response. Even though it requires more maintenence than any other looper, it is awesome.


Other.(Imperial. :P)

(SR) #4

I got a Sunset NXG from my friend for my birthday, awesome looper. I hope to learn 2A soon, though.


after trying countless different loopers i have finally decided that the speed beetles are my favorite, the weight just feels the best and the the response is nice.