(Shaneola) #1

These are a couple of yoyos that I really like, which is your favorite to play?


Couple? You mentioned 4 brands but no models.

So, which ones do you like?

(Shaneola) #3

uh?? I mentioned brands in the title, but in the actual poll I mentioned the models.


New people ALWAYS post polls. I remember I did.

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reporting to moderators.

(Shaneola) #6

haha yeah…I’m a noob, getting into yoyoing, I just thought I’d see what the popular opinion was on some of these yoyos that I have looked at.

(Shaneola) #7



I’ve never posted a poll. just saying…

And you missed quite a few yoyos. Just look at what people’s favourites are right

(Shaneola) #9

Well yeah, I wasn’t trying to include all the favorite yoyos, there would be quite a few yoyofactorys in here, I left yyf though, because I already had a yyf and I’m looking to try some new brands.


have you tried out any x3 yoyos?
My friend got a stampede, and just… wow.
It’s amazing. And it grinds better than anything else I’ve ever used. period.
I could get almost a 10 second finger grind with it.

(Shaneola) #11

I’ve never tried it before, thanks for the advice.


Yeah, I heard the Stampede rocks. I miss the days when I was new. It was always fun to see people’s opinions and post polls. I also miss the wonderful feel of getting an unresponsive yoyo for the first time, or trying a yoyo with a cool shape. I love alot of the yoyos up there on that poll, I couldn’t decide between the avalanche, sasquatch, gnarwhal or code 1. I had to choose the gnar-gnar as I call the gnarwhal, though.

(Shaneola) #13

Unfortunately, xcube is such a new brand that there is only one or two on the forum, and there’s no way I’m paying $130 for anything.


I’ve dropped $150 in the last 2 weeks on yoyo stuff. =/


I just payed $170 on yoyo stuff. I have BAD spending habits.


X3 does seem to be hard to find, does anyone know why yoyoexpert doesn’t carry them in the shop?


I know the feeling.

I can easily drop like $500 on new mics if it wasn’t for this client taking forever to pay me.

Instead, I’m choosing to spend some of that on yoyo stuff instead. and get a couple if Audix i5’s instead.


Code 1

Xcube is actually easy to buy and are available in most shops (I think they’re also here but couldn’t find them)

and believe me, they worth every penny, both of them, my personal preference is the steamroller, but not by far and only because how good the pink version looks

but out of the list, tried most of em, code 1 by far, has been my daily throw since it got released