(LookAYoYo) #1

i am starting poi. yesterday at my school fair, some kid was giving poi lessons. i have been yoyoing as long as he has been poi-ing (?). i tried and i learned a few tricks fast (yoyoing helped). some motions are really similar to looping. they even have a poi version of the tangler.
i cut open my finger by accident and i cant yoyo much for maybe a week or two. i decided i will look at poi tuts and see how i do. if i like it, i will stick with it and have 2 skill toys. if not, i will just continue yoyoing after i heal.

so i have 2 long socks and i stuffed them with normal socks. if anyone knows any other way to make good home made poi, then that would be greatly appreciated. i found a sight called playpoi.com and i will use that, and if anyone has a better sight, then that would also be appreciated.

EDIT: i am healing up faster than i thought. it may be less than a week. anyone know how to help heal a finger? i am putting vasalen (sp?) on it and then putting on a band-aid.

(M²) #2

could you show us what poi is. The only meaning i know of the word poi is a very bland traditonal hawaiin dish that was a staple a long time ago… I’ve tried it… it’s nasty.

(LookAYoYo) #3

haha sure:

btw, did anyone think of starwars while watching this?  the part with the glowsticks

(M²) #4

poi doesn’t loook very safe… :-[


Hehe, Fire is not generally all poi is. Fire is like the very last step, so you’re usually very good before you even attempt that level. They used to sell (back during the Yo-Yo boom) training Poi at sports stores. They were essentially baseballs (slightly soft) attached to these colorful socks basically.

With that in mind… IF you can find socks long enough, I would imagine dropping a tennis ball in each and sewing the end shut would work well.

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Non fire poi, this guy has such a nice style and flow.