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I just found out today that Modern Warfare 2 will not have dedicated servers for its PC users, you may not understand why this is a bad thing if your not a PC gamer but believe me it is VERY bad, even if your a 360, PS3 or wii owner please help the PC gamer community by signing this petition it will take literally 15 seconds, I own many consoles so I would do the same for you

more info here

petition here

and if you have steam please join this group

thank you guys, please help make this gaming experience what all PC gamers wanted and expected MW2 to be, if not one of my favorite games is ruined , again if your a console user I don’t expect you to understand but please help out, i would do the same thing for you


“If you have never played on a PC, and your multiplayer experience has only been delivered to you via matchmaking, then you will never really understand.
But try to imagine a host hosting a game while never turning his console off,
and you can always reach that room and play there whenever you want, night or day, because its always on.
Now imagine that host has a Pentagon grade internet connection and his X360 can handle 64 players in that room.
On top of that, the guy who’s the host is actually resurrected Ghandi, so you will all be treated with respect,
anyone using racial slurs, being offensive or just detrimental to gameplay experience via TKing or exploiting glitches,
is going to be removed from that server forever.
Now imagine dozens and dozens of custom maps running on that server, which you will get for free,
because IWs not making them. Then imagine entire communities and forums built around that one room (server).
You recognize people who visit that same room, you befriend them, you have fun with these familiar folks.”


i hope some of the 16 people that viewed have signed, but no one has said anything to me on this forum yet:(

(JM) #3

I signed, but just know that a petition isn’t going to get you dedicated servers. It’s not the end of the world either, but I hear ya’ about it being a problem.


well at least i can say i tried even if it doesn’t, this a huge slap in the face, all the pros of being a PC gamer are taken away when they do this

Thanks for signing even if you don’t believe it will help, much appreciated!


Lol it even reached the yoyo forums…signed, but I think what will really speak to Activision will be the sales, and the plummeting stocks.


they will lose many sales but will it be enough? it will be a few days or longer before they say what is going to happen with this after the huge number of signs from that is growing bigger very quickly, and all the angry hate mail i know they’re receiving


Even if this petition doesn’t go through, I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of modders going around, trying to find a way to use their own servers as matchmaking servers.


maybe but the game is not even out yet so who knows, and i won’t know because i won’t be buying this game if things don’t change because i wanted a PC experience not a console one

(JM) #9

Not gonna happen, lol

(Mark) #10

I have heard a few cases of modders making an unofficial server. If they do make a Modern Warfare 2 server, it’s not what you would call “dedicated” and will be based on how good the modder does maintenance on the server.

Addition: One example that is different is a World of Warcraft server was made to dodge paying. (It’s illegal so don’t try to find that WoW server)


well with match making we can’t get multiple servers with what ever settings you perfer, everything will be set to the same generic settings with very little diversity from one to the next.

I don’t play wow but have heard of free servers, i did not know that those were illegal

(Mitch) #12

I feel for you and I signed but I feel online petitions dont really do much… Like the Diablo 3 online petition to try to convince Blizzard to use darker and more “evil” graphics like in the first two games in their expansions…

Like I said though, I feel for you… Neither Starcraft2 or Diablo 3 will be able to be played via LAN… Which is a bummer because D2 and lanning with my neighbor is the only thing that got me through a period in time in which I had no internet…

Good Luck!


no LAN is completely unacceptable, its almost like having no voice support in a team based MP game. so there is no LAN in diablo 3? also if you liked that game check out a game called border lands, it comes out Monday for PC. changing graphics would be more harder and way more time consuming, we are simply just asking to use the same system from other CODs games and from most popular steam MP games like CSS and TF2, if anything they are making more work for themselves as most servers are payed for and ran by 3rd party users

(Mitch) #14

I know, but I know what your going through…

But yeah… D3 and SC2 wont have lan… Its to help stop pirating because thats the only way people with pirated games could play with other people

(JM) #15

Here’s my question, and answer it truthfully. How many times have you used a LAN connection in the past three months? The past year? How many of those times could you have just as easily used The gaming community is evolving. High-speed connections are no longer a novelty and anyone who complains about the LAN thing most likely has a faster than normal connection. I know that it takes away from some of the fun for you guys, but I think it wont be as big a deal as everyone wants it to be.

(Mitch) #16

I’ve used LAN quite recently… My friends internet was down for a while so I took my laptop to his house and we played some StarCraft…

But I understand what your saying JM… Were moving on in technology, just like how PCs dont come with Floppy drives any more… (Another thing Im upset with…)

(JonasK) #17

Adopt to evolution, or perish with it.


not often at all, i have no problem being honest, but me and my friends like to have LAN parties 3-4 times a year, LANing has been part of games before online play became popular, its stupid not to have it in

(JM) #19

Maybe it’s just because I’ve never done the LAN thing all-out, but I’ve always had just as much fun over the internet with some mics. Don’t get me wrong, four-player split screen Halo 3 (yes, I know it’s not LAN, but same idea) at 3AM with a few hour-old tacos and mexican pizzas from Taco Bell is about the most fun I’ve had with electronics. I still think it’s just time to move on.

(Mitch) #20

You’ve gotta try a LAN party…six people with their rigs set up on one big round table, couple of twelve packs of mountain dew, and some Zepplin on surround sound…a perfectly balanced D2 group… Amazing fun…

I find that cold soft Taco Bell tacos with a pack of hot sauce is very good.

And yeah… I guess the lack of moddern LAN will also help keep the older games alive… So for LAN parties you’ll have to undust the originals