Pie or Cake?


I would say pie for taste and cake for looks ;D



Man, you’re really hooked on this pie stuff.


Pie for pie fights,
Cake for looks,
Ice cream cake for eating

(Erik Kerber ) #4

Pie trumps cake any day cake is way to sweet and has way to much frosting but pie is just amazing


Ice Cream Cake


Going out of the box! I like it :slight_smile:


th e cake definily looks better, the pie doug taste as good, depends what kind, i tough prefer the cake, there are beautiful and good, good for your health too, but in all go for the donuts, what kind of thread is this ? this is weird


Cake because cheesecake is my fav!


Not going to settle for one or the other. I take both.




Peach pie definitely.




My first post and I’m making it about cake and pie. ;D

CheeseCAKE, key lime PIE, shepherd’s PIE. I could eat these three things every day and they’d never get old.

I gotta give it to pie 2 VS 1.

Oh wait chicken pot pie 3 VS 1


Any warm pie!

Idk , pie is just better.


Pie is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x better than cake.

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(major_seventh) #17

But if you add ice cream to cake…


… It makes it worse