Photobucket policy change workaround


As many of you know, photobucket changed their policy and no longer allows 3rd party links to pics on free accounts. There is a work around (sort of). I found that they do allow links to a thumbnail pic.

When you go to your pic on pb there is a list of links you can copy on the RHS. The thumbnail link is the last in the list. I normally use firefox and originally could not copy it with that. It did work with chrome however. I now find that it also works with firefox as well (probably pilot error).

Thumbnail sample:


Glad this problem doesn’t affect me ;D


I went to see what kind of plan I need to allow 3rd party links. $400 a year’s worth!!! Also, the free account is just run over with ads now.

What are some good or cheap alternatives?


I like Flickr so much better than photobucket. It’s free and easy to use!


Alternately, it’s 2017. Please do not use Photobucket when there are much better alternatives.


It served my needs for what I wanted.


Me too. I hate that all the posts with pics I’ve made over the years…


Photobucket was sub par ten years ago. That they won’t allow hot linking and not including a grandfather clause in [current year] is just the latest episode in a tale of mediocrity.


Now you tell me…!