phone service


ok so i hate cricket >:(, the worst phone company ever! So since a few days ago it hasnt been letting me send pics. It says “invalid address” and its always worked before. There has been no change in the address’s. I have no idea why it wont. . . I have tried contacting them but when i enter all the stuff when calling it say’s there is no account, which there is. Its the worst customer service i have ever encountered. Does anyone have any thoughts of what i should do about it? ???

(PutridNebula) #2

yeah get Boost Monthly Unlimited, $50 a month and no limits on minutes, texts, walkie talkie, or web. That is what I use. :smiley:


yeah thats what i use, but its not letting me send pictures or recieve them

(PutridNebula) #4

Welp, I dunno, I have no problems :-/ I am in Ohio though