Hey, so i’m playing my hamster now and i was wondering -Do you have any pets!?!?- So do YOU!?

  • I have 1 cat, 2 dogs, and a PWNAGE hamster-! (yes i know what pwnage means… kinda…well…)



4 birds :slight_smile:


Whoa, 1 minute on the dot later you respond lol!


I wish I had pets but since Im going to collage in 3 and 1/2 years my parents dont want to get one.


I had 40 hamsters (Not lying, they gave birth ALOT), but they are all gone now. They may be gone, but they are going to a better place :).

I have 2 dogs, 1 of which im allergic to its slobber which is why i’m getting hives and rashes now.


I have two rescued golden retrievers named Sagebrush and Cowboy, and I have a cat named Dax. Then there are all those goldfish from my classroom.


Thats cool phiz… And this is an odd topic… I do have to admit I have a sand scorpion and an emperor scorpion (seperated from eachother), both female and both beautiful… Oh yeah my girlfriend has a cat…


i have a rottweiler named ripley and a chihuahua named zoey. i used to have a burmese python and a mountain horn dragon lizard.


I have two fish…Not much. I used to have a pet Guinea Pig when I was much younger, though.

(Jeromy K.) #10

two dogs Dazy and Odessa, two birds Carmen and Dexter, two frogs, two lepord geckos, two turtles Raf and Leo, seven fish and one stupid cat Dryfus…at one time we had about 30 animals, yah our house was a zoo lol ;D ;D ;D maby one day we will agin





I have 1 frog 1 passed away :frowning: I would love to have a hampster though :wink: and im allergic to both cats and dogs :frowning:


i have 2 dogs 4 cats 6 chikens and at my dads house i have 3 cats


1 dog, his name is Shadow :smiley:


3 major necros now. Please stop.


It doesn’t really matter. This topic doesn’t have an end.


True. :-X


1 dog, 1 cat,and 1 iguana.


i had two dogs and now i have a little snake


1 dog,2 cats and 5 fish