Performance Jitters


Yesterday I auditions for a thing called Valley’s Got Talent. It was weird because it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever gotten for a performance. Let me tell you the short story:

I decided to use Ready Fuels by Anberlin (it was that or the heavily repetitive Seventeen Years by

Ratata). At the waiting lobby my stomach got all weird and my hands were sweating then drying then

sweaty again. I walked in slapped myself in the face walked up to the judges and introduced myself.

The music started and I begun with my Auldey Grey Fox. On the second trick I bumped the yo-yo and

had to start it again. Suddenly it wouldn’t come back up and it was getting slippy. I pulled myself

together and did an Eli Hop combo when suddenly it spun out. I attempted more combos but it kept spinning out. There was nothing I could do so then I switched to my PGM and did a trick

called Captive Gondola. Perfect followed by a revolutions. Suddenly it knotted up, so I switched to

Legacy. I must admit that the Legacy played a lot better up there because I managed to pick up

with a DOT combo, Laceration combo, and a behind the head Eli hop. Seeing I was on a roll I pulled

my own trick: 1A Tangler. Perfect. I pulled off a guitar solo, and then the music started to end.

With my legs open I attempted a Leg wrap trap. It went through the trap but it almost landed and that’s my story.

Is it normal to feel like this? I found the Legacy to be more trusty than my other yo-yos Could it be that I’ve used it the most? Would you say I got in? Has a yo-yo kept spinning out when you least want it to but yet it it was at perfect time during practice? Do you guys go to fast when you’re nervous?

(DOGS) #2

getting nervous is pretty common if you dont perform a lot. You just need to relax and dont worry about it. The people probably never saw yoyoing like that so I bet they were still impressed.

Weird enough, but I seem to do better when people are watching

(M²) #3

yah that happens a lot. It’s usually a lot better the second time around though. The best way to prevant that is to yoyo in public a lot. Maybe even try to perform something for you family so you can see if you perform consistantly in a planned performance, while under preassure.


I throw a lot at school but my mom doesn’t let me throw publicly. She’s afraid that I’ll hit someone. I told her it’s just because she’s embarrassed that her son is 15 and plays with a kids’ toy. In denial.

Yeah, I’ve performed a lot before but it was just this one audition that made me really nervous. If I didn’t make it past auditions then I would lose a chance at 1 grand. Maybe it’s the stakes that made me feel this bad. It’s never been this bad. To make it worse, When my routine started I swung my Grey Fox and there was a knot so it smacked me in the forehead.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #5

LOL thats it? I usually get WAAAAAAAAY worse. Lol Like if you look at me performing at Redando and look at one of my vids its totally different.